Fostering is caring for a rescued kitten or cat in your own home or apartment. Some fosters are short-term ( 2-3 weeks), other fosters donate more love by caring for kitty until they're adopted. We don't have a facility, so we aren’t able to rescue a kitten from the street without a HERO foster to donate their love. 

Our foster volunteers not only provide a small, safe space for the kitty, but nurture and help make sure the rescue kitty is healthy, socialized and ready for adoption.  

We require our fosters to provide a safe, secure space, stay in contact and keep us updated about your foster baby's progress and provide great photos we can use to promote them for adoption. 

If you can attend our pop-up adoption events with your foster, hooray! 

Fostering for Luxe Paws works best if you live close to our operating area of Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Chinatown, East Hollywood and DTLA. If you don’t live near any of the above areas, we would require you be available to transport kitty when needed or we can refer you to a rescue organization near you.

Not sure you're ready to adopt, fostering is a great way to test drive paw parenting. Kittens are demanding, they're always easier in pairs, but sometimes you might find an older kitten, or an adult kitty might be the right match for your lifestyle.

We always need fosters who don’t have other animals OR a spare space to foster an adult kitty.

If you have special skills such as a love for working with timid or scared kittens, or bottle feeding, please note this on your application!

All medical care is scheduled and provided by Luxe Paws at our rescue vet. Luxe Paws will not reimburse fosters for out-of-pocket veterinary care unless prior written approval is given.

We appreciate fosters helping to promote their foster kitties for adoption, however every adopter is required to submit an adoption application, must be screened by Luxe Paws, sign a legally binding adoption agreement & submit our medical reimbursement fee.


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