Shouldn’t our goal be fewer discarded animals, not just more adoptions?

If you stop to consider California taxpayers spend more than $250 million annually to house and euthanize animals in our shelters, you’ll see why we believe the most compassionate, humane way to tackle this crisis is by reducing the number of unwanted animals by fixing more animals.

Every spay equals at least 12 kittens saved, and each little soul we rescue equals 1 less homeless kitty breeding even more unwanted kittens, or struggling to survive on the streets of LA.

Luxe Paws is a small, grassroots team of part time volunteers, laser-focused on decreasing the number of unwanted kittens by FIXING neighborhood cats. We practice Trap/Neuter/Return or “TNR” in our corner of Los Angeles known as Silver Lake, Los Feliz & Echo Park.

Every kitty we rescue comes from the street. We don’t “pull” kitties from shelters because there’s few rescues focusing on the homeless kittens on the street.



See Cats? Think Spay/Neuter! 

LA is home to an estimated 3 million homeless cats and just 3.9 million people. 1 female cat can have 12-16 kittens PER YEAR.

In 2009 the city of LA was slapped with an injunction, meaning all The city of LA cannot fix stray cats or direct any city funds to do so. this injunction doesn’t prevent private citizens or rescue groups from stepping up and solving a very deadly problem by utilizing trap/neuter/return to curb the number of homeless cats & kittens both on the street & entering our city shelters.

The city is fighting to overturn the injunction, but our volunteers aren’t willing to ignore such an easy and humane solution like spay/neuter.

Learn more about where all the unwanted kitties come from and why TNR works from UC Davis

What We Do:

Our volunteers donate what free time they have to Trap/Neuter/Return or TNR.

Spay/neuter for TNR cats are provided by 

Where We TNR: 

The Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz, East Hollywood, Virgil Village, Silver Lake/Echo Park, Chinatown, Glassel Park/Cypress Park/Eagle Rock/Highland Park, Rampart Village, and Downtown LA (Olympic Blvd. north to Main & Alameda)

What We DON'T Do:

We don’t have a shelter facility, we rely on neighborhood fosters to care for the kitties we rescue while we’re on the street doing Trap/Neuter/Return. We don’t re-home cats, relocate cats or use our fosters homes to board cats. We are not a “pick-up service” and do not have the funds to cover veterinary care for sick or injured cats. Our mission is to SAVE KITTENS by fixing cats.

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Think Solutions.

It’s always kitten season in la and it’s not cute, it’s deadly and we all have the ability to start save lives by simply fixing more cats.

So how could 1 person save 120 kittens? donate a little time to fix a few female cats.

if 50 people donated their time to fix 10 female cats, 6,000 kittens could be saved from a shelter or doomed to a life on the street.

our goal shouldn’t be more adoptions, but instead, fewer unwanted animals.