Luxe Paws is a part time, volunteer street rescue effort laser-focused on TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) spay/neuter & rescue for the youngest, most at-risk kitties in the LA neighborhoods of Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park. Our ultimate goal is to inspire a neighborhood-based spay/neuter support model which, if replicated across LA, would PREVENT unwanted animals suffering on the street and being killed at our city shelters. 

Why? Our shelters are underfunded, overcrowded & homeless animals will continue to fill the shelters if we don't make spay/neuter the #1 priority for every cat.  We believe animals shelters should operate as a safety net, NOT animal disposal facilities. When you take a look at the numbers below, you'll see why.


  • Just 1 female cat can have as many as 16 kittens per year, and kittens as young a 6 months old can become pregnant.


  • LA is home 3.9 people and an estimated 3 million homeless cats, most of which aren't spayed or neutered.


  • The "No Kill" criteria only includes "adoptable animals" meaning kittens under 8 weeks of age and cats who show signs of aggression don't qualify under the criteria, meaning shelters can promote they're "No Kill" and euthanize un-adoptable animals.


  • In just 10 months (07/17- 04/18) 3,364 cats and unweaned kittens, or an average of 336 per month lost their lives in our LA city shelters. This includes 2,339 cats and unweaned kittens who were euthanized/killed, 408 listed as "died" and 617 listed as "dead on arrival." The outcome for dogs is much brighter, with an average of 160 dogs losing their lives per month.

LA is home to hundreds of rescue organizations, and animal advocates, but clearly focusing on adoption alone isn't the the solution. We must find a way to make spay/neuter available to every cat if our goal is to clear the shelters.




What We Do? Our volunteers team up with our neighbors in Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Echo Park to trap, spay or neuter and return stray kitties so they're not littering LA with more unwanted kittens. in 2017, our part time team fixed 951 kitties right here in our little corner of LA. If we discover kittens while doing TNR, we do our very best to rescue the youngest, most at-risk, however, we do not have a facility, so our ability to help is limited by available foster homes and funds to cover basic medical care such as testing, vaccinations, deworming and spay or neuter. Many of the kittens we rescue are clinging to life, thanks to anemia from flea infestation, eye infections, and severe upper respiratory infections.


Help! We're always looking for people to spread the message about TNR & spay/neuter BEFORE kittens are born on the street. As a nation, we've successfully "sold" adoption, but we're still not addressing the root of the problem, a lack of spay/neuter. Anyone can be a CATadvocate, by simply promoting the TNR & spay/neuter to neighbors, friends, family and co-workers.  Decreasing the number of unwanted litters equals fewer lives lost. If you can't trap, foster or adopt, you can always chip-in a few dollars to help offset medical care.  


Please note, Luxe Paws is NOT a 501c(3) rescue organization and your contribution to our grassroots rescue effort is NOT tax deductible. We rely on neighbors 'chipping-in," friends, family, neighborhood businesses, individuals  and our own paychecks.