So you're ready to become a paw parent and save a life? Awesome! First things first. Our adoption questionnaire is first step of our adoption process. Our goal isn’t to hand out animals, we’re looking for responsible paw parents, people ready to make a 15-20 year commitment. That means if you move, you’ll always take your fur baby with you, you’ll NEVER allow them outdoors EVER, you have the ability to cover the cost of veterinary care, a pet sitter and you understand the meaning of forever home.

We do prefer kitties be adopted in pairs, OR into a home with another cat. A solo kitty is fine, as long as you’re prepared to devote time and enrichment to your fur baby.

We always do an informal phone interview once your application is approved. Every adoption requires a home visit, the signing of a legally binding adoption contract, and payment of a medical care reimbursement fee. 

To get started, fill out the form below and allow up to 72 hours for a reply, we’re all volunteer.

Please note, every fur baby we rescue is a special soul, and our goal is to secure a responsible, safe & loving FOREVER home. If you're not ready to become a 15+ year paw parent, you CAN help save lives by fostering!

We are located in Los Angeles, California and we do NOT do out of area adoptions. If you are not close by, we encourage you to go to and search by city or zip code for local cats and kittens in need of homes.