Arthur and Simon

We were familiar with Luxe Paws through a friend who fosters for the organization, so when it came time to find some fur babies, we knew exactly where to look – in fact, we ultimately fell in love with a photo of our boys on the Luxe Paws Instagram page and knew we had to meet them! Arthur and Simon are members of our family now, and we cannot imagine life without them. They are cuddle bugs who bring us so much joy that we absolutely hate being away from them. When we adopted them we were going through some tough times, and they have been therapy kitties in all of the best ways. They are the funniest, most well-adjusted and sweet boys, and we credit their fosters, Gretchen and Jon, for a lot of that. We can’t say enough how grateful we are to the Luxe Paws family for all that they do, and recommend them any time we hear someone is looking to adopt! Kat & Alec


Koji and Taika

The Little Things: Koji and Taika are a funny sibling pair. The first time I saw them they were the tiniest creatures with the biggest roars. I couldn't help the smile their presence brought me, and I knew then I had give them the home they needed. It's been two years since then and every moment I get with them comes with overwhelming joy. They are gentle beings, loved and cared for, who will return affection with their own brand of unconditional support; if you feed them as much as I seem to, at least. Brian